Thameside Industrial Coatings is a specialist applicator of high quality powder coat paint finishes to ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. Our customers include OEM’s, fabricators, and suppliers of industrial, mechanical, architectural, medical and marine products who require a high quality of finish.

Powder coat paint provides an eco-friendly and durable finish in a wide variety of colours, textures and gloss levels which enhance the appearance of the substrate while providing excellent weatherability and/or corrosion resistance.

Powder coating is a dry powder delivery application process which emits very few VOC’s if any (mostly water vapour during the oven cure process), compared to wet spray delivery which uses environmentally harmful evaporative solvents during application.

Powder coat paint colours are designed and formulated by industry manufacturer chemists. Each manufacturer/chemist uses a variety of available pigments and fillers to produce their line of powder coat colours. The quality of the powder is dependant on the types of pigments and fillers used during the formulation and manufacturing process. Thameside Industrial Coatings uses only quality suppliers to ensure our customers get the best finish possible.

Our standard colour range is from the RAL Classic line which consists of 213 single coat application opaque colours in different hues suitable for all coloured substrates. These are generally stock products available from manufacturers in Gloss (85-95%), Semi-Gloss (60-65%) and Matt (20-25%). Certain colours may not be available due to insufficient market demand. Custom formulations are available to meet specific colour requirements.

Other surface finishes include Metallics, Pearlescents, Textures, Wrinkles, Antiques/Veins, Fluorescents, Translucents, as well as custom colour formulations for specific use requirements. Additional colours and textures are also available from each individual powder paint supplier being specific to their stock range and yield a vast assortment of colour and texture possibilities.

Most powders are formulated in a Polyester chemistry. But powder can also be specifically formulated in a variety of chemistries specific to environment use.

Polyester is the most common powder coat formulation available for interior and exterior use applications. It provides excellent colour and gloss retention when exposed to weatherable conditions and UV light. It has strong adhesion properties and good chemical resistance. It is available in the widest variety of formulations and more cost effective than other powder paint formulations. Typical uses would be for fencing, garden furniture and decorative items.

Epoxy has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance properties. Best used for interior applications. Exposure to UV light will degrade colour and gloss but not affect the protective properties. Is available as a zinc-rich formula to be applied as a primer coat beneath a top finish coat. Typical use would be for interior use items requiring a good chemical resistance.

Polyurethane offers a decorative and functional finish for exterior and interior use items. It has similar characteristics to polyester with excellent weatherability, corrosion resistance, but has better chemical resistance than polyester.

Nylon offers a hard wearing protective finish with a strong resistance to chemical solvents. Limited selection of availability and colour options. More expensive than other powder paint formulations.

Hybrid is a mix of polyester and epoxy powder formulations. The formulation provides excellent flexibility and a smooth finish, and offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Similar to the epoxy, typical use would be for interior items.

We are a proud applicator of the full Tiger Drylac line of colours and textures. Tiger are a trusted industry leader in powder coat paint finishes and use only the best ingredients in their manufacturing formulations.